A Multi-Genre
Mobile Gaming Franchise

We Want All Our Players To Become
Rich & Famous Through Playing Our Games
Our 1,000 VIP Genesis Members will instantly
be granted celebrity status and will be rewarded generously!

What Makes Us Different?

The Sarge Universe’s goal is to connect millions of gamers from all around the world. The difference is, we not only want to entertain them, but for them to benefit from playing our games through building personal brands and generating extra revenue streams of income. Our games also encourage our players to host their own user-generated eSports tournaments, all within our own built-in social media platform.

Next-Gen Reward-Based Gaming Mechanics
Built-In Interconnected Social Media Platform
Branded User-Generated eSports Tournaments

1,000 VIP Genesis Heroes

Our 1,000 Genesis Heroes act as VIP Membership passes which instantly grant you celebrity status across our entire mobile gaming franchise! You will be Rewarded Generously for supporting The Sarge Universe so early into it's journey! They will provide you with 16 Use Cases from 4 categories, including; Free Stuff (Sarge Items & Giveaways), Early Access (Sarge's Pre-Sale & Games), Direct Access (VIP Groups & Private AMAs) and In-Game Perks (Exclusive Heroes & Secret Areas in our Sarge Universe).

Buy one Genesis Hero &
get an Edition 1 Hero for FREE!
Each Hero Acts as an early access pass
to our Sarge Pre-Sale!

Our Multi-Genre
Mobile Gaming Franchise

Build & Battle MSG

Our flagship ‘build and battle’ mobile strategy game has years worth of base building and attacking gameplay for our players. Read more

  • 80+ playable assets including heroes, troops, vehicles, production buildings, defensive towers & more.
  • 360+ unique upgrades from our ‘first of four civalisations’ alone, with even more in our pipeline.
  • City building, player-vs-player matches, factions, faction wars, campaign missions, profile interfaces, social media newsfeeds, user-generated tournaments, in-app purchases & more to come.

First Person Shooter

Our war-driven storyline has an abundance of heroes, troops and vehicles for our players to choose from and battle it out with. Read more

  • A grand selection of heroes, environments and bases for our players to battle it out with. 
  • Play for fun or wager each other during games.
  • From free-for-alls, to team deathmatches and battle royale arenas, whilst also including our own never seen before innovations for the FPS gaming genre.

4X Sarge Universe

Once established, we can begin our transition into our 4X Sarge Universe (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate). Read more

  • Sarge HQ: A 24/7 online gaming convention showcasing everything Sarge in our city centre.
  • Sarge City: Is a free roaming FPS that players can own land and buildings, along with turning the entire city into a War Zone where they can either play for free, or wager other players.
  • World Map: Our open world 4X MSG where players can create or join factions to accumulate larger forces, whilst transporting armies to find and attack other bases for their resources with the plan of world domination.

Social Media Marketplace

We’re building our own interconnected social media platform with a built-in marketplace which all VIP Members will get celebrity status in. Our games allow players to actually own their digital in-game assets and trade them on our marketplace.Read more

  • Create free or entry fee communities & build a personal brand with followers across all 3 of our games.
  • Publish gaming tips & tricks as free content for your communities, or monthly paid subscribers.
  • Own, buy, create, trade, sell or collect items.

Our Roadmap

Step 2

VIP Memberships

Step 4

Mobile Strategy Game

Step 6

Social Media Platform

Step 8

SargeCon eSports

Step 1

Finalise GDDs

Step 3

Sarge's Pre-Sale

Step 5

First Person Shooter

Step 7


Step 9

4X Metaverse

The Tokenomics

Our Tokenomics have been designed to engineer our long-term success.
In total we have one trillion (1,000,000,000,000) tokens in our eco-system.

Token Supply
1 Trillion
Contract Audit
Safely Locked LP
Game Development
Game Dev
2% Buy/Sell
Project Treasury
6% Buy/Sell
Liquidity Pool
2% Buy/Sell

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